How Long Does It Take to Drill a Bowling Ball? Quick Guide

Astonished to see a new bowling ball with no holes? Well, that’s how they come; when you purchase a new bowling ball, there are no holes in it; it’s just a round ball. The holes in the ball are drilled according to the player’s carrying style. Drilling a bowling ball is professional; you can only compete with others.

You must consult a professional to drill holes in it; so, how long does it take to drill a bowling ball? There are different kinds of training patterns and layouts that require variable time. They might do it on the spot or ask you to drop the ball and receive it later when it is done. 

In this article, I will tell you the factors affecting the drilling time of the ball and the usual drilling time of basic drilling patterns for bowling balls.

Factors that Affecting Drilling Time

Before answering how long it takes to get a bowling ball drilled, you must be aware that certain factors affect the drilling process of the ball and might increase or decrease the time.

1. The Complexity of the Drilling Pattern

First, the pattern choice is a major impact on the drilling time. Some patterns are hard to drill, so they take longer than the basic pattern you will go through later in this article.

Simple drilling pattern like pin up and pin down usually takes around 20-30 minutes because of their simplicity. On the other hand, customized drilling patterns or asymmetrical drilling patterns involve additional angle adjustments according to the owner’s demand. It will take up to 40 minutes to an hour. 

2. Skill and Experience of the Driller

Drilling holes into bowling balls is more complex than drilling holes in the wall. The process is humble and needs more time and attention from the driller to achieve accuracy. Experienced drillers working with balls for years can work more effectively in less time, drilling holes accurately. 

On the contrary, new or inexperienced drillers will take more time to make basic drilling patterns. So, to avoid this, look for a professional or experienced person to get your bowling ball drilled correctly.

3. Equipment Availability and Store Schedule

When you choose a professional store for drilling your ball, there might be a high workload or workload. Due to this reason, they might take a day to book your schedule for drilling. Checking in with the nearby drilling shop about their availability is always better.

With small shops or unpopular drilling artists, the need for more equipment can be a problem that will delay the drilling process. So, it is better to check in with an expert store before time and get your ball’s drilling scheduled. 

Layouts of Drilling a Bowling Ball

Drilling makes a new ball customized according to the player’s needs and playing style. There are different kinds of bowling ball drilling layouts explained. The core practice is to position the finger hole and adjust the core’s orientation; this changes the performance output. 

1 – Pin Up Layout


The pin-up method is used as a standard; the balls you see at the bowling arena are mostly drilled by pin-up style. In this pattern, the pin that represents the top of the ball’s core is positioned above the finger holes. 

This pattern provides the most controlled throw on the lanes, making it widely acceptable for all bowling players. If you are using this layout to drill your ball, it will take approximately 20-30 minutes.

2 – Pin Down Layout


Contrary to the pin-up pattern, in the pin-down design, the pin is placed below the finger holes while drilling. It is for the players that want an early roll and increased hook potential. It is usually opted by bowlers who like stronger hook motion or must combat heavy oil conditions. It takes- the same minutes as the pin-up pattern, which is 20-30 minutes.

3 – Dual Angle Layout

dual angle layout

This pattern is named dual because it includes two angles: one for pin position and the other for mass bias maker. This setup induces more versatility in ball motion, making it easier to roll down the alley and allowing bowlers to adapt to different lane conditions.

In this pattern, the driller must balance both angles to ensure proper working and momentum to help the player achieve the highest score in bowling. So, this method takes more time to drill, approximately around 30-45 minutes.

Wrap Up

It is evident now that certain factors impact how long it takes to drill a bowling ball. Carefully choose a professional to get hole drilling done in your bowling ball. Schedule your appointment in time to save from a last-minute rush to finish drilling. Traditional layouts like pin up and pin down take 20-30 minutes, and accustomed layouts take 30-45 minutes, depending on customizability traits.

According to your playing style, which drilling pattern do you choose for bowling more often? 

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The drilling pattern depends on your grip and throwing style. Mostly, players choose pin-up or pin-down designs, but if you need more momentum and increased motion, go for a dual-angle layout.

The time of the plugging process depends on the plug type you choose. Commonly Wizard Ball Plug take around one hour to complete the plug-in process, which includes cutting, drilling, beveling and sanding.

The bowling ball can be drilled multiple times, but I recommend it for a maximum of three times. Each time the drilling process occurs, it disturbs the ball’s core, eventually reducing its speed and performance. 

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