Meet the 10 Fastest Bowling Ball Speed Legends of Ten Pin’s

High speed and slow speed, most bowlers need clarification about choosing what works best for the ten-pin. Your ball speed is important in determining the number of pins knocked down. The fastest bowling ball speed sounds interesting and dramatic in bowling, but is it any good?

Everyone wants to see their ball rev down the alley. A good bowling speed can help you strike down ten pins in a go, but control is necessary in any condition. Throwing the ball with the fastest speed or too slow can cost you unstruck pins, so balance is important while going for the speed.

In this article, I will tell you about some of the fastest speeds for bowling balls recorded, factors that result in speed and how you can work on your bowling speed.

Quest of Fastest Bowling Ball Speed Throw

Bowling has no longer remained restricted to the alleys; now, it is growing popular and making its reach towards the international league ground. People worldwide participate in such competitions where speed matters and allow you to win on the scoreboard. With right throw accuracy, ball speed matters the most if you want to take down all ten pins with a “strike.”

There are various techniques and tips to enhance your bowling speed; that will help you score more and lead the board. Controlling speed is considered one of the base pursuits of bowling.

How to Increase Bowling Ball Speed? Factors Affecting

Certain factors affect the bowling speed; it can be the bowlers’ technique or the bowling ball itself. The conditions of the lane also play an important role in bowling speed. Let’s see deeply how these factors impact the ball’s speed.

Bowler’s Technique

Physical strength and bowlers’ approach overall matter in determining the ball’s speed. The approach includes handling the ball, finger position, and force applied to the ball before releasing. See how to aim a bowling ball to understand the technique properly and clearly. 

The second one is physical fitness; strength, agility, and proper body mechanics contribute to the effective speed after the launch. The more you maximize your physical strength as a bowler with shoulder and write movements, the more you will be the speed.

Bowling Ball 

From the origin of ten-pin till now, the balls have changed significantly in shape, material and design. The ball is designed with precise engineering to transfer better performance down the lane. Especially the core of the ball plays a vital role in the ball’s speed potential. Usually, symmetrical and asymmetrical cores are made; both have different uses and abilities.

In addition to it, the outer shell of the ball also plays an important role in determining the speed while rolling down. Check urethane bowling balls vs. reactive resin to know which one has more speed and why in detail. Here are some more improvement points for increasing the speed of the ball while bowling.

Improvement DimensionsDescription
Adjust Lane Play StrategyStudy and adapt to different oil patterns on lanes.
Experiment with ball speed variations for optimal approach.
Learn to adapt to varying lane conditions for consistent speed.
Increase Release SpeedGenerate more revs during the release for increased speed.
Increase initial ball speed with a faster arm swing.
Experiment with controlled loft distance for added velocity.
Maintain Equipment ProperlyRegularly clean the ball to maintain performance.
Ensure proper finger and thumb inserts for a secure grip.
Schedule regular resurfacing to optimize the ball surface.
Improve Physical ConditioningEngage in regular cardio exercises for improved stamina.
Warm up properly and stretch before bowling sessions.
Incorporate flexibility exercises to enhance arm and wrist action.

World Record Bowling Ball Speed

Over the years, as bowling has gained a significant reputation worldwide, leagues and completions are held. There is various world record held in the game of bowling, even in the domain of speed. 

So, what’s the fastest bowling ball speed recorded? In 2017, pro bowler Ben Ketola made headlines by achieving the world record for fastest bowling for the first time, with a recorded speed of 34 mph (55 km/h). 

BowlerFastest Bowling Speed mphFastest Bowling Speed km/h
Ben Ketola (2017)3455
Norm Duke (2017)32.251.8
Jason Belmonte (2017)3251.5
Rhino Page (2017)31.951.3
Marshall Kent (2017)31.851.1
Osku Palermaa (2012)31.550.7
Chad Newbold (2014)31.450.6
Mike Fagan (2011)31.250.2
Tommy Jones (2013)3149.9
Wes Malott (2009)30.949.7

Wrap Up

Wrapping the discussion on the fastest bowling ball speed in ten pins, you know that speed with accuracy is the base requirement of a successful ball throw. Factors like ball type and bowler’s technique impact the speed of the ball. The fastest bowling speed recording in history was 34mph (55km/h). moreover, practice with different ball throwing and handling techniques can help you achieve the desired speed. 

Share your highest bowling speed till now and your technique for enhancing ball throwing speed.


  1. What is a fast bowling speed?

The maximum speed at which the bowlers’ ball is from 20-22 mph at the release point and will impact the pins at 17 or 18 mph. With this speed, the chances of standing pins are reduced.

  1. How can I bowl faster in ten-pin?

The secret to fast speed is controlled wrist action, do a proper swing movement and release it with flexible finger action. Avoid holding the ball too tightly; it will slow down the speed of the ball after release.

  1. How do you bowl faster in 10-pin bowling?

Create rotation in your swing action if you want your ball to go faster. While launching the ball on the alley, rotate your wrist slightly and let go of the ball with a write movement push. 

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