11 Possible Ways How To Bowl With Acrylic Nails

Did you recently start bowling but are distressed in the conclusion that it’s possible to bowl with acrylic nails or not? Probably, you are a fan of bowling with acrylic nails to look modish around your friends on weekend nights.

The answer with modification is yes and there are different ways and safeguard that you can use to enjoy bowling. 

Here we have a complete guide with all the precautions on the way and tactics that will ultimately protect your acrylic nails.

Can You Bowl With Acrylic Nails?

The only question that may come into your mind either it is safe to play bowling with acrylic nails, as I earlier said yes but there are some precautions you have to follow while playing bowling play.

As the finger involves most in the bowling sports and if you play without taking care as other players play then you may face difficulties. 

In order to pursue in bowling journey, there are also techniques and tactics that you can avail to enjoy your favorite sport.

Following are some of the complications that you may face if you play like a random bowling player.

Safest bowling techniques how to Bowl with Acrylic Nails

To bowl with fake nails, the following are mentioned some of the best techniques, protective gears, and precautions for extra support for your nails. 

Let’s move into the actual part of this whole guide.

1-Granny Style Bowling Technique

Granny bowling style technique is one the way to bowling play that completely protects your acrylic nails from breaking, scratching, and all the other obstacles.

This technique is different from traditional play and maybe it looks funny to you but yes you can still enjoy bowling with your friends without the need for any extra gear.

To play according to this granny-style bowling technique, below are the steps that you can follow to start your game with acrylic nails.

  • First of all, you have to pick the ball with both hands. In this technique, you don’t need to insert the finger into the bowling ball holes.
  • After that, take your position right behind the foul line. Here you don’t need any running towards the bowling alley, It’s different from traditional playing techniques.
  • Once you reach toward the foul line, stretch your leg equal to your shoulder and bring the ball with both of your hands between the legs.
  • Finally, aim at bowling and give force to your hands on a right angle and release the bowling ball.

This technique is normally used in bowling when anyone has a foot injury or acrylic nail but remember if you take bowling ball seriously and want to compete in a bowling league then, unfortunately, this method is not permissible but you can still play with traditional play by requiring protective gear to safely play.

2-Use nail protectors

If you love to play bowling by following its actual way of playing that is acceptable everywhere then nail protectors are the way that assists you like a normal player.

Utilizing nail protectors, minimizes the nail’s direct contact with holes and protects from unwanted injury or nail breaking. These nail protectors wear over fingers and provide enough breath to your fingers to play comfortably.

3-Applying bowling tape

Bowling tape is another great piece of equipment that can protect your nails from breaking or cracking. This creates an extra layer between the nails and bowling ball, all you need to do is apply the bowling tape around your finger and it’s all done.

4-Use a ramp

A Bowling ramp is another technique that completely saves your fake nails from contact with other objects. These are available in any standard bowling alley that is normally designed for old age, disabled people, and kids.

bowling ramp

All you need to bring it toward the bowling lane is at such an angle that faces directly to the bowling pin. It’s actually in the form of inclined slides from where you release the bowling ball without any direct contact.

5-Get a larger bowling ball

Another way that you can apply to decrease the chances of nails by getting a larger ball. Acquiring a larger bowling ball means a big hole and there is more flexibility to insert a finger easily and reduce the interaction.

The larger ball probably has more weight that engages your upper body most. If you’re serious about bowling and also love to have colorful acrylic nails you should consider upper body weight training by joining a gym to gain some muscles. 

6-Utilize Fingertip Bandages

This can be another weapon to save the life of your nails. Bandages are breathable and easily available, if you have a first aid box in your home, you can also utilize them. To protect your nails, all you need is to apply the bandages on your fingertips that cover the nails perfectly.

7-Get a Right-hand wrist support

Wrist support utilizes for any kind of movement if you observe, commonly used by beginners or for training purposes.

wrist guard

It can assist you to control the bowling action lessen the displeasing accident and maximize your bowling playtime.

8-Get your nails refills

Human nails are growing quickly and if you don’t fill them frequently then it may create a nanogap between acrylic nails and cuticle. To make your acrylic nails strong, you need to refill it every three a week.

9-Always Keep Your Acrylic Nails Dry

Wet nails may damage your acrylic nails and lose their actual strength. Always dry your hands with a towel or anything after every wash. Keeping your acrylic nails is the best way to prevent any harmless.

10-Eat healthy food and drink a good amount of water

Whenever the base is strong, the other on the layer will be safe. Your actual nails provide a base for your fake nails and the best way to keep strong is to eat healthy food and drink a lot of water. Try to eat vitamin supplements and drink a minimum of 1 liter of water each day.

11-Do more practice

Keep practicing bowling is the key point to finding tactics or actions that may be helpful for your entire career. Someone may tell you to play this way but you can never get the actual point to play so it’s important to keep practicing especially when you’re a newbie.

Problems You may face when Bowling with Acrylic Nails

In bowling, it is important to have a proper grip on the ball if you knock all the pins but if you have long acrylic nails and you just love these may affect your game.

Following are some of the pre-alerts that you need to care about.

1-Nails may get braked due to holes

Normally the long fingernails can create problems, if you insert these long acrylic nails right into bowling ball holes without any protection then chances are they get stuck and break.

You need to more be careful when the nails are long, there are different ways to play that mentioned in an article later that will help to protect long nails.

2-Finger injuries

Injuries are common in bowling, especially finger injuries but if you have long nails, the injury would be different. As it is identical that fingernails are attached to acrylic nails, and unfortunately if broken it may leave marks on fingers for the long term. 

When the nails crack or break, the blood clots on the fingers and it remains for a persistent time if you don’t take care properly. 

3-Nails getting scratched

Bowling balls are heavy and most of the force you use to release by using your wrist and fingers, and you may get scratches with continuous play. These scratches sometimes are intensive and the nails may lose their actual appearance and texture.

4-Affecting your game

In order to aim at a bowling pin, you need concentration and proper grip on the bowling ball, and the grip is normally adjusted from finger holes. Long acrylic nails may create trouble and somehow you can lose your points on the scoreboard.

These are some of the difficulties that you may face during bowling play with acrylic or fake nails but don’t worry anymore, the solution to these problems is obtainable.

Following are some of the bowling techniques and safety gears that will able you how to bowl with acrylic nails comfortably.


Bowling with long acrylic nails is probably the hardest decision when you don’t have enough idea what to do in such a situation. If you really love your nails and want to play bowling as well then yes there is a way to play completely safe either its brunny bowling style or utilizing a bowling ramp, for this, you have to sacrifice traditional bowling play but if you don’t look weird in your friends then there are other ways like applying bowling tape or use nail protectors.


Bowling leagues are a bit competitive and it depends on your ability of experience and how you manage to score along with acrylic nails. It’s important to cover any protective tape on your fingernails from any injuries.

Yes, you can play with gel nails as they connect more with nails when you take care, better to use any protective tape for any chipping.

Yes, you can play safely while having acrylic nails. There are different techniques available, especially brunny bowling style and a bowling ramp is one of the ways that completely stop the direct contact of acrylic nails with a bowling ball.

Yes, you can cheer with friends with acrylic nails but in a peaceful way that does not harm anyone. 

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