What is a Brooklyn in Bowling? Master the Bowling Terms

Like many other games, bowling has unique terms that professional players and leagues use. If you plan to play bowling professionally, you must learn its terms and practice it to get a grip. No one wants to sound like a noob, right? One of the most heard terms in Brooklyn. So, what is a Brooklyn in bowling?

Brooklyn is a certain shot in which a right-handed bowler’s ball crosses the left side of the headpin (1-2 pocket) and crosses the right side for the left-hander bowlers (1-3 pocket). Every bowler must know the term to get a grip on their skills.

In this article, you will learn the term Brooklyn, how it works, and its implications with impact on the game itself. So, hold your seats.

What Is Brooklyn Strike


While learning bowling, you need to know about the Brooklyn shot. It happens when the ball thrown deviates across the lane and hits the pin pocket’s opposite side. A player can not intend this shot; it occurs as an accident.

As you know, for right-handed players, the target for the 1-3 pocket (right side), and for left-handed bowlers is the 1-2 pocket (left side). When the ball slides away from the intended target, the shot is termed a Brooklyn shot.

Bowling Term Brooklyn

The term Brooklyn emerged from the early days of the sport. Various bowling historians say the term is associated with the borough of Brooklyn in New York City, which had a vibrant bowling scene and a distinct style of play.

Back in the day, bowlers from Brooklyn were known famously for their unique approach to the game. Their approach was to aim for the ball across the lane instead of aiming for the traditional pocket on their side, which resulted in hitting the opposite pocket. So this style was then known as the Brooklyn style of bowling.

So, this whole scenario gave rise to the famous Brooklyn term in bowling, and to this day, it is associated with the action of the ball going to the opposite side of the pocket. This is the widely accepted origin of the term Brooklyn, which is said to be true by many; however, no other story supports its emergence.

Brooklyn Strike Bowling: Implications

The Brooklyn shot can be intentional or unintentional but impacts your game and scoring. So, here are a few implications of Brooklyn that you must know as a skilled player. You can also learn to practice bowling at home by attempting a Brooklyn shot. 

1. Unintentional Throw Result

Usually, in a normal bowling game, Brooklyn shots happen unintentionally most of the time. Because the Brooklyn technique is tough, no one uses it intentionally. It happens due to the factors like incorrect hand position, ball speed, or the chosen line of play. If you want to divert it from happening in these situations, practice your throwing techniques.

2. Pin Action and Scoring


In the Brooklyn shot, the ball thrown generates more pin action than the standard pocket shot. Since the ball enters the pocket from an unconventional angle because it interacts with pins uncertainly, this situation is an advantage to the player deflating pins in large numbers than the usual shot.

3. Strategic Considerations

Some professional bowlers attempt Brooklyn shot intentionally as a strategic move. Sometimes certain shots only help you take down some of the pins with a normal swing action. So, they press more force onto their swing action attempting Brooklyn with the fastest bowling ball speed and knocking down all the pins. 

Brooklyn Shot: Advantages and Disadvantages

Before learning and using the Brooklyn shot in your games, know the certain advantages and disadvantages of the shot and play it to your advantage. 

Advantages of Brooklyn Shots in BowlingDisadvantages of Brooklyn Shots in Bowling
1. Increased chance of striking1. Inconsistent ball reaction
2. Can break up tough splits2. Less control over the shot
3. Can be an effective strike ball3. Can result in fewer pin carry
4. Can create confusion for opponents4. Risk of leaving difficult spares
5. Provides an alternative angle5. Relies heavily on lane conditions


I am sure you know what a Brooklyn in bowling is; it is a situation in which a bowler misses their intended pin pocket, and the ball slides into the opposite direction of their hand action. Pro players can use it intentionally to knock down more pins than usual shots. The Brooklyn shot can break through splits and confuse your opponents if you do it right.

Share your opinions. Would you use Brooklyn Shot in your next games as a strategy to take on the bowling arena? 


The term refers to a situation when the ball slides over to the side of the targeted pin pocket, usually in the opposite direction. For example, the Brooklyn for right-hander means hitting 1-2 pocket (left side) instead of 1-3 pocket. 

When you hit five strikes in a row, then it is called by terms like Yahtzee” or “Five-Bagger” Just like that, if you score six strikes, it would be termed a “Six-pack”.

‘A’ in bowling is short for the word “aces, ” which is a scoring term. It represents the situation where both pins from the corners are still standing after the first ball of the frame. 

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