5 Project Ideas for Bowling Ball Yard Art that Blow Your Mind

Tired of decorating your garden with the same old gnomes and bird baths? It’s time to think out of the box and try something new that looks unique.

When I say, “Out of the box”, it means that it is perhaps something related to favorite sports. Yes, it’s time to have fun with a bowling ball but not in the lane but in the yard. 

A bowling ball yard art is the perfect piece of decoration in a garden yard because of its different splash of colors, durability and versatility. 

In this blog post, we will see how you can turn your bowling ball into art that can enhance your garden or yard beauty.

lets jump into the guide.

List of 5 Bowling Ball Yard Art Ideas

There are many art ideas that you can apply on your bowling ball to showcase in your garden, Some of them are followed.

1 – Gazing Balls

Bowling Ball Yard Art
gazing ball 2
gazing ball 3
gazing ball 4

A gazing ball, also known as a garden globe or mirror ball, is a decorative sphere typically made of glass, stainless steel, or another reflective material. 

Gazing balls are often used in gardens, landscaping, and outdoor spaces as ornamental elements to add visual interest and focal points.

2 – Garden Critters

garden critters 1
garden critters 2
garden critters 5
garden critters 4

Another interesting thing to do with a bowling ball art design is to turn into garden critters like ladybug, snails, frog, turtle, butterflies, bumblebee, caterpillar and other whimsical creatures.

No doubt, these bowling balls itself gives an unique perspective and unexpected canvas to convert into these garden critters. We can also add a little touch of humor and make garden, patios and indoor areas more creative

3 – Mosaics Masterpieces

mosaics masterpieces 1
mosaics masterpieces 2
mosaics masterpieces 3
mosaics masterpieces 4

It’s a work of art using different small pieces of materials including glass, tiles, ceramic, stone and arranged in a creative way called mosaics technique.

Turning the bowling ball into mosaic masterpieces can be a unique way to showcase them into unexpected art.

4 – Planters

planters 1
planters 2
planters 5
planters 3

Love succulents or colorful blooms? 

The bowling ball is your new companion to make a garden or yard eye-catching. 

The challenging part to convert into such art is its preparation. You will need tools like drill with hole saw and chisel. 

These tools will help out in hollowing out for wide opening and further interior opening.

You can use it for succulents, colorful blooms, flowers and trailing plants.

5 – Simple and Bold

simple and bold 2
simple and bold 3

Sometimes, less is more. 

Apply simple and vibrant outdoor colors, solid colors, playful stripes or polka dots.

You can try combinations of colors like hot pink and lime green, sunshine yellow and turquoise, or classic black and white.

Stripes will be your friend during painting a bowling ball. Map these straps, play differently and shape a unique geometric shape before your final coat. 

Polka dots can make the bowling ball more appealing visually. Plot a circle using a stencil or round shape brush for a clean circle. These can be regular spacing, random scattered or graduated dots.


Apart from throwing the bowling ball on the lane, it’s also used widely as a showcase masterpiece as a decoration purpose in different areas in home e.g. garden, yard and indoor areas. You can try different bowling ball yard art that suit your garden personality.


People put bowling balls in their garden and yard areas for decoration purposes. The shiny and colorful surface of the bowling ball adds a unique and eye catchy visual touch to the garden. 

You can repurpose old bowling balls into garden ornaments, mosaic art, bird baths, gazing balls, candle holders, or sculptures.

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