10 Best Bowling Balls For Hook To Buy In 2023

A consistent average high score is probably every bowling player’s goal in their career, and YES, hooking is one of the bowling techniques that have the potential to achieve a higher strike rate.

In order to achieve this, selecting a specific hook ball has a huge impact on giving a good curve but how to select the best bowling balls for the hook 2023. 

A hooked ball mainly depends on several factors either its fraction or coverstock but no need to wonder anymore, we have come up with a list of hook ball including beginners, seniors, and women/girls.

If you’re hurry, here we have our top pick for you from the top 10 list.

Our Top Pick
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Pyramid Antidot Solid Bowling Ball For Hook 


  • Material: Symmetric
  • Battery: Medium-High Oil
  • Reaction: Hook Machine

This pyramid antidote solid well liked due to it’s smooth rolling capabilities and deliver a power hook potential down the lane. Due to it’s smooth surface, the bowling ball is easy to control and any beginner bowler can easily manage a quite decent hook as it does not incline early on the lane. Read Detailed Review

Pyramid Antidote Solid Video Review

Let’s jump into the review section.

List of 10 best bowling balls for hook

  1. Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball
  2. Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball
  3. Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Bowling Ball
  4. Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball
  5. Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball
  6. Pyramid Antidote Solid Bowling Ball
  7. MOTIV Jackal Ghost Bowling Ball
  8. Hammer The Sauce
  9. Brunswick DV8 Bowling Quantum Bias Ball
  10. Storm Sure Lock Bowling Ball

1-Pyramid Antidote Solid – Best Overall Bowling Ball for Hook 


  • Coverstock: Solid Reactive Resin
  • Core: Symmetric Core
  • Drilling: Un-Drilled
  • Recommended Oil Condition: Medium
  • Weight: 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16lbs
  • Color: Yellow/Black/White

The first pick of a bowling ball from the list is a pyramid that comes with a unique color combination and eye-catching texture. The ball looks more amazing than any other ball on the list when it rolls on the lane.

A pyramid antidote is actually a hook machine that delivers powerful hook potential and motion. If we talk about rolling capability, the ball rolls easily due to its smoother coverstock used.

This bowling ball is suitable for beginners because controlling the ball is easy and does not incline early on the lane.Just release it at low speed and see how the ball produces actually a good hook but if you release somehow at high speed then you may face skid too much.

If you prefer to play on oily lanes then it’s recommended to play on medium-high oil lanes to get more benefits. If the ball is recommended to play on mentioned oil conditions then it’s an indication that it gives more hook.

If you want strong hook potential and a mid-lane hook pattern then this bowling ball is a good pick on the way. It comes undrilled and can be customized according to your finger. While entering into the pocket, this beast actually delivers massive power and back-end action on a pin.

Overall, this ball is recommended for beginners, if you want a ball that has powerful hook potential and is noticed by people around you while rolling down the lane.

1 pyramid antidote review
 pyramid antidote review
  • A hook machine
  • Unique color scheme and texture
  • Easy to control
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Skid too much if you throw at high speed.

2- Brunswick Rhino – Best Hooking Bowling Ball For Low Rev Players


  • Coverstock: Pearl Reactive Resin
  • Core: Light Bulb Symmetrical Core
  • Drilling: Un-Drilled
  • Recommended Oil Condition: Dry – Medium
  • Weight: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 &16lbs
  • Available Color Options : 7

A second pick from the list is the stylish Brunswick rhino bowling ball that comes with a premium design and an attractive look. This probably can be the best choice for girls who are looking for shiny and beautiful that are available in vibrant colors.

This is one of the beginner-friendly bowling balls that will assist you in how to curve a bowling ball. Just increase the strength of your bowling technique by adding more rev you can, this will give a good hook. After analyzing and testing, we have clearly seen a boost in scores of bowling players who are just learning or improving.

As a beginner bowler, you can easily control this bowling ball and give a powerful knock in the first shot. A new bowler always claims that how can I learn how to hook even when playing a straight from a long. If we come up with this core material that is a symmetrical core bulb that gives a solid hook potential even if you throw a bowling ball in straight.

If you just throw with both hands or share your bowl with siblings then the ball probably can be a good solution as this bowling ball is used by both left and right hands. 

This medium oil and dry lanes bowling ball, and its smoothness on these kinds of surfaces make it recommended for beginners to easily control their ball. Preferably performs better on dry lanes as compared to oily. It’s suggested throwing carefully with medium or low rev(is bowling release speed) as this ball is not strong when it plays on dry lanes

A perfect gift for your partner or friend who just started their bowing journey or thinking to begin. Also, this is a budget-friendly bowling ball that can not break your bank with premium quality features and 1-year warranty.

brunswick rhino review
brunswick rhino review
  • Good for beginners to learn to hook
  • A budget-friendly 
  • Vibrant design 
  • Controlled nicely
  • Only performs well on dry lanes

3- Pyramid Path Rising – Best Budget Bowling Ball For Hook


  • Coverstock: Pearl Reactive Resin
  • Core: Symmetric Core
  • Drilling: Un-Drilled
  • Recommended Oil Condition: Medium – Dry
  • Weight: 12, 13, 14, 15 &16lbs
  • Available Color Options: 9

The Pyramid path Rising bowling ball is another bowling ball from the list for those bowling players who want to look pleasing around their friends on weeknights. People probably will get jealous if they see a matching ball with your shoes or outfit. Yes, this ball comes in 7 different colors.

It produces a great hook if you play on medium oil or medium dry lanes. You will clearly analyze a variety of spinning on lanes and can be examined better on a medium oil surface.

Unlike the previous Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball, this bowling ball comes with different weight ranges from 8 to 16 pounds and is also quite durable. Also, this bowling ball comes with an undrilled customizable grip pattern that can be fixed according to your fingers from any pro shop but somehow chipped if it’s not drilled properly.

The beauty and attractiveness remain for a long time due to the material on top of the ball. This material helps to maintain the texture of the ball and prevents any kind of scratches. 

The overall construction of this bowling makes this ball robust and assists you to play excellent bowling and just like Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball, this ball enables you to strike more on the row. The different weight ranges are helpful for different players from children to adults and yes if you give it to your child, they will love it.

This bowling ball is for you if you just started out or have some experience of gameplay, you will get a good hook to see on almost every shot.

pyramid path rising review
pyramid path rising review
  • Different weight ranges
  • Customizable grip pattern
  • Durable
  • Chipped around finger holes

4-Hammer Black Widow 2.0 – Best Professional Bowling Ball for Hook


  • Coverstock: Solid Reactive Resin
  • Core: Gas Mask
  • Drilling: Un-Drilled
  • Recommended Oil Condition: Medium to heavy
  • Weight: 12, 13, 14, 15 &16lbs
  • Color: Black/Red

This bowling ball is a beast when it comes to powerful hook potential and the relatively high curve you will analyze on the bowling lane. 

Hammer black widow 2.0 is recommended for professionals( not beginner friendly) who know the lane’s condition, how much force is needed to release the ball, and curve techniques.

The material used on this bowling makes it smoother and quicker to respond fraction and get energy on mid of the lane and stop until it strikes the pin compared to its main version which is hammer black widow. The previous version also managed on dry lanes and was comparatively expensive but this one is not recommended to play in high rev style on dry lanes, unfortunately, you will end up with some unwanted things.

Just like the previous bowling ball in the list, this one also comes with different weight ranges and you can pick one that is under the weight rule of the bowling ball.

Overall, this bowling ball is best if you are somehow professional, want more hooks and preferred medium oil lanes.

hammer black widow 2.0 review
hammer black widow 2.0 review
  • Powerful hook potential
  • Professional bowling ball
  • Huge backend response
  • Don’t use this bowling ball on dry lanes!

5-Storm Phaze II – Best Heavy Oil Bowling Ball for Hook


  • Coverstock: Solid Reactive Resin
  • Core: Symmetric Core
  • Drilling: Un-Drilled
  • Recommended Oil Condition: Medium to Heavy
  • Weight: 12-16lbs
  • Color: Red/Blue/Purple

The storm phaze second edition performs excellent feedback on the wood surface because it creates frequent fractions. This ball gets an aggressive hook if you can play good revs.

Just like the first ball from the list, this ball also comes with only a weight of 12 pounds and the same coverstock material. Among the different versions of storm phaze, the second edition is one of the most popular and provides more continuation on the lane.

This bowling ball provides a strong hook on medium to high oil lane conditions and provides a much more smoother and predictable path in shape at the end of the lane. The build quality is good and makes it durable for long-time play.

A fragrance that is used on this ball is somehow toxic for some of the users but that’s not a big deal, you can get rid of them with time.

Overall, this ball is great to play on medium or especially heavy oil lane surfaces that create a smoother shot for you. Also, the performance of this ball is way better on wood lanes and gives quick fractions.

Storm Phaze II Bowling ball review
  • Designed for medium and heavy oil lanes
  • An undrilled bowling ball that can be customized according to fingers
  • Give an aggressive curve
  • Strong ball
  • Toxic fragrance used on the ball.

6-Hammer Black Widow Legend – Best Medium Hook Bowling Ball


  • Coverstock: Hybrid Reactive Resin
  • Core: Asymmetrical Gas Mask
  • Drilling: Un-Drilled
  • Recommended Lane Condition: Medium to Heavy Oil
  • Weight: 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16lbs
  • Color: Black / Red Pearl

This durable and strong ball from Hammer gives a pin action that is way more powerful even with a lighter hybrid coverstock. You will clearly see the action of pinning down the pocket after knocking.

The hammer black widow legend is designed for oily lanes, especially for medium to heavy oil lanes. 

Remember, this ball does absorb the oil and penetrate in coverstock when it plays on heavy oil lanes. If you want to continuously play hook then you must keep the maintenance of this ball and clean it from the oil. The ball is also analyzed on light oil and gives excellent gameplay and does not absorb that much oil.  Yes, if the ball is designed for oil lanes then it will be difficult for you to control dry lanes.

This bowling ball is good to learn how to hook and is well balanced on oil lanes. Just like other bowling balls on the list, this ball also comes with undrilled holes. Get it drilled according to your finger for a medium hook and see the magic that strikes the pocket hard.

Overall, best bowling balls for medium hook and learning on oily lanes. It comes with a durable and strong construction that provides powerful pin action.

black widow legend review
  • Excellent for oily lanes
  • Well balanced
  • Powerful pin action
  • Not recommended for dry lanes

7-MOTIV Jackal Ghost – Best Heavy Rolling Bowling Ball For Hook


  • Coverstock: Solid Reactive Resin
  • Core: Asymmetric Core
  • Drilling: Un-Drilled
  • Recommended Lane Condition: Heavy Oil
  • Weight: 14-16lbs
  • Color: Black/Purple Solid

This bowling ball is impressive when it comes to rolling competence. MOTIV jackal ghosts actually lay out heavy rolling and continuation on the lane compared to any other bowling ball on the list. Also, this ball has more hook potential in contrast to its predecessor.

Indeed, the outer space of the ball has equal or more importance when it comes to sneaky hook and YES, this legend has the smoothest and most aggressive coverstock. The build quality is top-notch and provides an excellent game experience.

When it comes to surface conditions, it’s designed for high-volume oil. Obviously, the coverstock requires some oil to travel on the lane. Moreover, this bowling ball responds quickly to the surface and you need a low rev speed to release the ball. It is not recommended to play on dry lanes using this ball because it rolls too quickly, you can avoid this by utilizing any gel.

Overall, MOTIV jackal ghost delivers a strong back-end hook on mid-lane and is designed for heavy oil lanes. If you are looking for a bowling ball with heavy rolling ability then this might be the best option.

 Motiv Jackal Ghost review
  • High volume oil bowling ball
  • Great build quality
  • Heavy rolling ability
  • Respond faster
  • Not recommended for dry lanes

8-Hammer The Sauce –  Best Strong Bowling Ball for Hook


  • Coverstock: Solid Reactive Resin
  • Core: Symmetric Core
  • Drilling: Un-Drilled
  • Recommended Lane Condition: Medium-Heavy
  • Weight: 12,13 & 15lbs
  • Color: Red/Black/Magenta

Here we have another piece from a famous bowling ball manufacturer. The ball comes with a red and black color combination that can please everyone’s eyes. 

Contribution to its coverstock, it uses the strong and durable hammer coverstock that grabs the lane and delivers the power to knock the pins tremendously.

The bowling ball is designed for medium to heavy oil and performs excellent feedback when it is used on a fresh oil lane. Moreover, if we talk about its hook, the ball is actually a nice and decent hook and offers a high strike.

Overall, this bowling ball is easy to learn and comes with strong and durable construction and premium coverstock. Give a satisfactory hook and a good enough strike.

  • Provide satisfactory hook and strike rate
  • Comes with the pleasing color combination
  • Strong and durable
  • Slower to fraction

9-Brunswick DV8 Bowling Quantum Bias Ball – Best Simple Bowling Ball For Hook


  • Coverstock: Solid Reactive Resin
  • Core: Asymmetrical
  • Drilling: Un-Drilled
  • Oil Condition: Heavy
  • Weight: 14lbs
  • Color: White Solid

This bowling ball from Brunswick comes in white color with a resistor shape that can look simple as compared to other bowling balls in the list that have different colors combination and patterns. During testing, we even analyzed that white balls actually get good traction compared to other colors.

Just like the MOTIV jackal ghost, this bowling ball is also designed for heavy oil and has a continuous look. The ball actually gets relatively more hook if you try to change the angle of spin with a low rev rate.

Furthermore, you can customize this ball according to your grip just like almost every bowling ball on the list. Try to drill according to your finger, the ball may slip if it’s more space or lofty.

 This asymmetric-based ball with solid coverstock gives a good pin action. Referring to its color, after analyzing on an oily surface, the ball gets dirty quickly or its white color may turn yellow after interacting with oil. You will need a solution to dry or clean the ball from oil. 

Despite its power, this bowling ball delivers a decent move quickly compared to its previous version Forest green quantum. Even more, the ball hit the pin insanely when it struck the dry part of the lane.

Overall, this ball is a good choice if you’re not a fan of fancy or vibrant colors and prefer keeping a simple ball with less texture. Apart from color, it’s a stronger ball that gives a quick move and hits the pin.

  • Good for heavy oil
  • Continuous hook
  • Can get more hooks by changing the angle
  • Solid coverstock
  • The ball gets dirty quickly due to its white coverstock.

10-Storm Sure Lock – Best Wet/Dry Surface Bowling Ball for Hook


  • Coverstock: Solid Reactive Resin
  • Core: Symmetric Core
  • Drilling: Un-Drilled
  • Recommended Oil Condition: Medium
  • Weight: 12, 13, 14, 15 &16lbs
  • Color: Yellow/Black/White

The Storm Sure, a hitter from the list, an aggressive bowling ball that performs in any surface condition does not matter whether it’s wet or dry, it knocks the pin with a massive strike.

It is easy to analyze the hook with this ball because of its color pattern and you are able to clearly see how the ball curve. Additionally, the ball has the ability of perfect back-end reaction and quite a reasonable carry.

This bowling ball needs some how-know about bowling and how to throw the ball on the lane. If you just grip the ball and release the ball fastly directly into the lane then this ball is not suitable for you, you may find it difficult to control it.

Overall, if you play on different lane conditions and have intermediate bowling experience then you can consider this storm sure lock bowling ball.

  • Suitable for both wet and dry lane condition
  • Eye-catching bowling ball
  • Strongest ball
  • Perfect back-end reaction
  • It May be difficult to control for newbies

What kind of hook bowling ball is best overall?

After testing and comparing all the balls from the list of top 10 best bowling balls for hook, we nominated Pyramid Antidote Solid Bowling Ball and placed the best overall bowling ball for hook due to its hook potential, unique color, pattern, and control on the ball for beginners.

Benefits of choosing?

After choosing any bowling ball, you will have an idea about the do’s and don’ts of a specific bowling ball because every bowling ball has special characteristics of hook depending on its coverstock, drilling mechanism, and wet or dry surface.

Tips for choosing the best bowling ball for hook- buying guide

There are a lot of bowling balls but it’s difficult to know which one to choose for a hook. If you know what things to consider during shortlisting the bowling ball for hook, you will have an edge over others.

Following are some of the features that are linked with each to analyze the hook of any bowling ball, yes it depends on hooking techniques as well, but we also can’t neglect them.


Coverstock is the outer part of a bowling ball that interacts with the lane and has its own hook potential. The three main coverstock materials are plastic/polyester, urethane, and reactive resin.

Plastic balls provide the least hook potential, while urethane delivers a medium hook and reactive resin offers the highest hook potential. Reactive resin has sub-categories, including reactive solids, reactive pearls, and reactive hybrids, which affect the fraction of the ball and its hook potential.


The core of a bowling ball plays a significant role in hook potential, and there are three main types: pancake, symmetrical, and asymmetrical. Pancake cores provide slightly less hook, symmetrical cores offer medium hook, while asymmetrical cores deliver aggressive hook potential. 


The weight of a bowling ball is an important factor in hooking the ball. The heavier the ball, the more energy it will have and the more hook potential it will have. However, it is important to note that using a ball that is too heavy can lead to muscle strain or injury.

When hooking a bowling ball, the weight of the ball needs to be appropriate for the bowler’s strength and skill level. A ball that is too light may not have enough momentum to create the desired hook, while a ball that is too heavy may be difficult to control and cause fatigue.

Follow the 10% of body rule means a bowling ball you use does not exceed its weight more than 10% of your body weight i.e if you have 160 pounds, the ball should be 16 pounds.


Having a ball that gives a decent hook is probably fun to play with your friends or family. There are almost numerous bowling balls that claim to provide hooks. In such scenarios, it’s important to know what are the features or must-have characteristics of any hook bowling ball.

We collect one of the best bowling balls for hooks that are for any kind of bowler including beginners, women, seniors, adults, and professionals.

Related Questions

Giving a hook to the bowling ball depends on several things including how you throw a ball with different rev, the bowling ball itself, and the condition of the lane where you play bowling.

Senior or pro bowlers use between 15-16 pounds bowling balls because they roll heavy, have more power to knock the pins, and hook power compared to light bowling balls.

The reactive resin-based coverstock bowling balls used among most professional bowlers due to their hook potentials, have more fraction and pin action compared to other coverstocks bowling balls

Yes, a heavier bowling ball comparatively provides more hook because it moves relatively slow and gives a bigger hook with a decent arch.

The answer is No because reactive solid provides more fractions on the surface compared to the reactive pearl which means the bowling ball has more fractions that will hook sooner and more. 

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