What Is Cosmic Bowling – Does It Different From Bowling?

Bowling is an old-school game that attracted a lot of people when it was booming in the industry.

Every sport generates a spirit of enjoyment and the bowling industry needs it asap that gives more peak in bowling from the new generation.

According to a survey of the national sporting goods association, almost 39.9m American bowls once per week in 1994, these numbers goes up in 1995 to 41.9m however in 1997 when cosmic bowling was introduced the number increased to 44.8m.

The new generation thinks bowling is a kind of boring game and there should be any way to make the game more interesting then here comes, comic bowling or we can call it galaxy moonlight bowling, glow bowling, moonlight bowling where you can see everywhere disco lightning with heavy music.

Let’s jump into the detailed guide to cosmic bowling!

What Does Cosmic Bowling Mean?

Cosmic bowling is a special term used for bowling when it is played in a special environment with disco lighting and sound effects. 

The term “Cosmic” refers to that beyond the earth or something that is out of the earth. It means cosmic bowling is designed in such a way that you feel like you are moved to space, even some bowling alleys use stars, galaxies, and aliens.

What Time Is Cosmic Bowling? After going through such lighting terms you may be familiar with cosmic bowling designed for the night where these special effects of lights, especially neon lights are a great way to observe and enjoy.

What Makes Cosmic Bowling Different From Normal Bowling?

Many people confuse the term “Cosmic” and think the game would not be the same with different rules and regulations.

The only thing that makes casual bowling from cosmic bowling is the environment with disco lighting, sound effects, and fog machines.

Now, the question is how cosmic bowling work and what is its purpose of it?

Cosmic bowling is played the same as casual or regular ten-pin bowling but the bowling alley turns into different lighting including neon lights, black lights, flickering disco lights with music, and fog machines to create a smoky environment.

When the bowler throws the bowling ball on the lane all other lights turn low and only turn the lights on pins with special sound effects when the bowling ball smashes the pins down the lane.

What Do You Wear To Cosmic Bowling?

For cosmic bowling night, there is no predefined outfit to wear and it’s all up to your choice. However, while moving around these neon and flashy colorful lights, a black color may be an odd choice as it doesn’t shine or noticeable color in such an environment. 

You can wear any combination of outfits available in your outfit cabinet or borrow from your friends. The widely noticeable outfits on such nights are blue, light blue, white, and neon green colors. 

If we talk about footwear, the bowling lanes are a sensitive surface and any dust or debris might affect its texture and that’s why you will need clean shoes to move around the lane. You can rent a pair of shoes or buy from onsite or outside from the bowling alleys.

Who Invented The Cosmic Bowling

The term cosmic bowling was coined by Brunswick Corporation in 1997, the well-known and famous bowling equipment business. 

The step behind starting cosmic bowling is to attract the younger generation toward bowling to keep the sport alive.

Who Can Be Allowed To Attend Cosmic Bowling?

On comic bowling night, there are no specific attendees and it’s organized for everyone. It’s a perfect night for birthday celebrations and couples for dating; however, you will also see families eating and drinking out there. Such little kids, especially babies are not good with high music and lighting.


The trend of cosmic bowling started when it needed to grow bowling in the younger generation, a generation that prefers an environment full of enjoyment. 

Cosmic bowling is nothing but bowling with a special environment where you will see heavy lightning including neon lights, black lights, flickering disco lights with fog generated by fog machines, and a track of sound.

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